About Us

We are the industry leader in hardware and software solutions for the future of advanced particle physics research. After years of conducting research into advanced particle physics and theoretical Supersymmetry (SuSy) at The Georgia Institute of Technology and as a Visiting Professor at Cambridge University, Dr. Maxwell Falken formed Symmetry Solutions. Symmetry Solutions will focus on helping others in the scientific community advance beyond the hypothetical hardware and computing limits that appear to be imminent. We will pursue challenges that will benefit a new generation of future researchers, governments, and societies through the implementation of new software solutions and hardware advances as it relates to particle colliders and other advanced technologies.

In addition to our current government contracts, we are closely working with many prestigious universities including The California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and University of Cambridge.

Our People

Dr. Maxwell Falken
Dr. Maxwell Orion Falken's interest in computing technology first developed while dual-majoring in Physics and Mathematics in Georgia Tech's College of Sciences. This interest continued during his doctoral studies in the field of Supersymmetry, during which period he published several times in journals such as Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Foundations of Physics, and more. While interning on Super Proton Synchrotron projects at CERN in Switzerland, he dreamed of someday combining his passions for experimental particle physics and defying computational limits. Symmetry Solutions is his dream, manifested in reality.

In the world of academia, Dr Falken has held lecturing positions at Stanford University, Reed College and Oxford. As of 1987, he has held tenure at Georgia Tech, and he has spent several semesters teaching abroad as Niels Bohr Visiting Professor of Physics at Cambridge University.

Dr. Falken lives between Atlanta, GA and Geneva, Switzerland, where the offices of Symmetry Solutions are. When he's not in the lab testing hypotheses, or working with his team to manage supply chain logistics for hardware solutions, you can find him volunteering at the local humane society in his home-away-from-homes in the mountains of North Carolina. He is an avid golfer and an internationally ranked chess player. He aspires to someday build a computer that can outsmart him, at chess and otherwise.
We are always looking for the brightest minds to join the team at Symmetry Solutions! If you think you have what it takes, apply for a job now! Click here for a link to the official Symmetry Solutions job application!